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Holidays for the visually impaired

My name is Adele Fricker and I am 37 years old and registered blind. I go on holidays with travel companies who provide holidays for visually impaired people.

Jubilee Sailing Trust has a fleet of two tall masted sailing ships which cater for disabled people to go sailing out to sea. The tall ships are working ships that go around the British waters for either a week or five days. My holiday included food and drinks and you had the opportunity to go ashore at two places. You sleep in bunks and they have showers on the ship There is generally 40 people on the ship with a qualified crew and you work a shift pattern of four watches. For each disabled person is there is a volunteer who will assist you during your time on board. The voyage I had went from England to Le Havre in France.

Further information can be obtained from
Tel 02308 449108

There are two other companies that I have enjoyed holidays with who specialise in holidays for the visually impaired and offer exciting holidays. Both companies provide a sighted volunteer on a one-to-one basis. The holidays enable you to meet a wide variety of people who come from all parts of the United Kingdom.

Traveleyes is a company run by a visually impaired person and is based in Leeds. The normal group on each holiday is around 16 people with 8 visually impaired and 8 volunteers. They operate throughout the whole of the year with various holidays varying from being very active or just relaxing the choice is yours.

The website is

Tel 08448 040221

Revitalise is an established company and also has holidays in the UK and the like Traveleyes they also provide sighted volunteer travellers.

The website is

Tel 0845 3300149

I have been on holiday to the following countries with both Traveleyes & Revitalise

USA Grand Canyon and San Francisco
Spain Andulica including Seville and Ronda
Italy Rome and Florence and Sorrento
Ireland Dublin and the Ring of Kerry
Croatia Dubrovnik and Split
Cuba Havana and the island town's
Malta Valletta and the island towns
Thailand and Cambodia
Sailing in a yacht around the British Virgin Islands.

I am hoping to go in November on a tour covering the north and south islands of Japan.
I would be pleased to give you further details of my holiday experiences and you can contact me at my e-mail address

Adele Fricker


Links to other holiday and Insurance companies ...

BondBond Holidays offer a fantastic range of holidays for people with disabilities and special needs.  They have venues in Blackpool, St Anne's and Marton Mare.  Please visit their webpage


Insure and GoInsure and Go  offer a wide range of policies for various trips, and ages.  They will consider all medical conditions, so you can get the peace of mind you need.  Visit their webpage for more information


VictaVicta caravan  Victa have just taken ownership of a caravan at Romney Sands in Kent.  The caravan has 3 bedrooms, one double and two twin rooms.  Victa will be hiring out to families with VI childrren at a nominal fee from March 2012.



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Holidays for the visually impaired