Fundraising for BBS UK

BBS UK relies totally on donations from fundraising and grants.

Any donations or sponsorship should be sent to our voluntary fund raising co-ordinator, Emma Oates. Further details on the contact page.

You can now donate online through
Visit the BBS UK page

Also now through another fantastic fundraising site you can donate to BBS UK.

If you would like to organise an event to raise money for Bardet-Biedl Syndrome UK, read on for inspiration:


Please download our sponsorship form HERE

PDF Sponsorship form

  • Marathon 
           Take part in a sponsored marathon or half-marathon
  •  Aerobics Marathon 
           Organise a sponsored ‘aerobathon’ at your local dance or sports hall
  • Barbecue or BakeSale
            Hold a BBQ or BakeSale for family and friends and charge an entry fee
  •  Fancy Dress
            Raise money in the office by dressing up or down for the day
  • Guess The Number
            Put a quantity of items into a glass jar and charge people to guess how many. The winner
            gets the contents or a prize. Perhaps the local pub or shop will put it on display for you
  • Down the Pub
            Hold a Karaoke or Quiz night down the local and charge an entry fee
  • Quit Smoking
            Get others to sponsor you through the agony
  • Charity Ball or party
            Organise a party for your friends and family, sell tickets and organise a raffle


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